Residential Houses & Units.

At Jim’s Drafting and Design we offer a complete package for residential, townhouse and unit plan design & documentation services. Our industry professions will strive to catch your vision by working closely with you during the design phase of your project.

From your concept sketch we will provide you with preliminary drawings illustrating your basic floor plans and elevations. Upon your approval, we then create a comprehensive set of building plans, adhering to your design while meeting Australian building codes and Council requirements.

Our construction drawing packages include, but not limited to:

  • Site Plan,
  • Floor Plan & Elevations
  • Sections & Details
  • Slab & Roof Plan
  • Electrical &Lighting Layouts
  • Room Elevations & Cabinet Details
  • Door & Window Schedule
  • 3D Views & Visualizations
  • Shadow Sun Diagrams
  • Stormwater Drainage & Landscaping Plans,

Who our Clients are:

Homeowners | Business Owners | Architects | Builders | Engineers | Developers | Contractors | Surveyors