Services Drawings.

Trade Services Drawings or As-built drawings are the definitive document proof of how the final construct is executed and show how the final construction was implement, demonstrating the status of existing conditions “as-is”, as opposed to original designs or proposed conditions. 

Jim’s Drafting and Design can provide As-built drafting services to document these changes. These are critical because of the legacy value they provide along with helping in knowledge transfer of all components related to the building.

AsBuilt Documentation Includes:

  • All Markups Transferred To CAD Drawing File
  • Title Block Revision Updated
  • Company Logo & Details Added
  • Drawing Clean-Up
  • Issued In PDF and CAD Format
  • O&M Manuals

Who our Clients are:

Electricians | Plumbers | HVAC Installers | Builders | Engineers | Developers | Trade Contractors | Surveyors